Research Activities

excerpt of writings 1

John Locke

  • Locke on Animal Spirits
  • Locke on Active Power 
  • Malebranche and Locke on Motivational Hedonism

Nicolas Malebranche

  • Orders of Nature and Grace: Malebranche’s Final Philosophy
  • Malebranche on the Imagination and Community  
  • Malebranche on Love
  • Malebranche on Freedom (for: Oxford Handbook on Malebranche)
  • Malebranche’s Philosophy of Mind (for: Routledge History of Philosophy of Mind)
  • Malebranche and Hume on Truth and Fame (with A. McIntyre)

Antoine Arnauld

  • The Protestant and the Pelagian: Arnauld and Malebranche on Grace (with E. Stencil) 

Early Modern Women Philosophers

  • The Duchesse de Montpensier and the Dystopia of Marriage (with S. Sreedhar)